Team NIC2024

Meet our amazing organisational team and our wonderful track leaders. We are ready for the second edition to make this event successful and hope you will have a fantastic time. Don’t be scared to introduce yourself to us when you see us - we look forward to meeting you!


Joost van den Broek

After receiving his Master in Mechanical Engineering, Joost started working in the Natural Gas sector. In 2009, he joined NRG as manager of the Safety and Licensing department. He is currently Director of NRG Consultancy & Services (C&S). In addition, Joost is responsible for the execution of the Dutch Nuclear Energy Research programme, steering committee member of the EUR Association, Member of the NRG Historical Waste Management Board and NRG|Pallas representative for the European Industrial Alliance on SMRs. Joost is initiator of the Nuclear Innovation Conference and track leader of the New Build track.

At the Nuclear Innovation Conference, Joost will act as moderator of Newbuild session presentations and panel session. He is looking forward to meeting and linking professionals in the Newbuild area, reinforcing existing connections and making new contacts in the Newbuild network.

Sem Leftin

After receiving his MSc in chemistry at the Universiteit van Amsterdam, Sem wanted to move away from academia and wanted a job which benefitted society more directly. His interest lies in chemistry and working in teams to solve complex problems.

Currently he is working as a process engineer for medical isotope development of Pb-212 and Lu-177 in the FIELD-LAB program of NRG PALLAS.

At the Nuclear Innovation Conference, Sem will fulfill the role of program manager. He is particularly excited about learning more about the participants and their vision of how nuclear will impact the future of society.

Robert Krivanek

Robert received his Master and Doctor degrees in mechanical and nuclear engineering. He has more than 27 years of experience in the nuclear industry. Since 1994, he was with CEZ in the Czech Republic in various positions in operations, engineering and nuclear safety. His main focus was on ageing management and the preparation of NPPs for long term operation (LTO). Since 2012 he served at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna as an ageing management and LTO programme manager.

In October 2021, Robert joined NRG in the Netherlands as a manager for international ageing management and LTO activities. His work includes NRG business development in support of NPPs and regulators and management of NRG projects in this area.

At the Nuclear Innovation Conference, Robert will act as ambassador of LTO session and moderator of LTO session presentations and panel session. He particularly looks forward to reconnecting with other professionals from ageing management and LTO as well as meeting new faces in the field.

Tjark van Staveren

After graduating as materials scientist from TU Delft, Tjark started working at NRG in 2010. He is leading the research program that focuses on the irradiation performance of structural materials in nuclear reactors. In scientific and management roles he has been actively working to support long term operation of current NPP’s and the development of advanced reactors. The common thread in his activities is the application of the nuclear infrastructure at NRG, the high flux reactor (HFR) and hot cell laboratories, to provide data and assessments that are critical to the safe and economical operation of nuclear reactors around the world.

At the Nuclear Innovation Conference Tjark will host the Advanced Reactor session. He looks forward to engage with different stakeholders in the advanced reactor community to exchange insights and identify opportunities to collaborate.

Sannah van Balen

Upon receiving an MPhil in Nuclear Energy at the University of Cambridge, Sannah has been active in bridging the gap between the nuclear industry and the rest of society. Her interest lies in realigning the risk and perception of risk with regards to nuclear technology as a source of clean energy. Of these two, the latter still primarily governs decision-making on nuclear power.

Based in the Netherlands, Sannah moderates and hosts panel sessions, webinars, and conferences in the nuclear sector and she actively participates in the societal conversation on the potential of nuclear energy as a climate change mitigator. Sannah is also the founder and director of The Empowered Atom – a knowledge collective that attempts science communication through art and design.

At the Nuclear Innovation Conference, Sannah will act as host and moderator. She is particularly excited about witnessing the fruitful collaborations that result from this event - collaborations based on a joint vision that shape the future of nuclear energy in society.

Rob Stegehuis

The art of communication is to tell stories that stick. Preferable, to Rob's opinion, because they have meaning to the ones receiving them. That’s why he likes working in the nuclear industry. He’s committed to contribute to the NIC, because there are so many interesting stories to share. And even so many engaged and interested people to share them with.

Born in a small village in the countryside of the Netherlands, he studied Communication in Utrecht. With a continuing interest in traveling and learning about different cultures, he founded his family (3 boys!) at his roots. With over a decade of communication expertise, he recently published his first book about communication, personal and organizational development.

During the Nuclear Innovation Conference you will probably seem him talking to journalists, photographers, cinematographers and working on his phone and laptop. Always an eye on the stories that are needed to be shared. And if you have one of those stories, don’t hesitate to reach out to him!

Nwankwo Hogervorst

In 2016, Nwankwo graduated from high school and began his bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft, where he also joined the student football association Ariston. After four years of hard work, involvement in multiple committees at Ariston, and a minor abroad at Iowa State University, he earned his bachelor's degree. Immediately after, he became chairman of Ariston, leading the student association for a year. Following his board year, Nwankwo pursued a master's in Complex Systems Engineering & Management, during which he worked as a Business Developer at VIKTOR. Having completed his master thesis, he is now a 'Master of Science' and 'Ingenieur.' Currently, Nwankwo is working as a trainee at NRG.

At the Nuclear Innovation Conference, Nwankwo will act as EXPO manager.  He is particularly excited about witnessing the fruitful collaborations that result from this event and the networking at the EXPO booth.