Manifest Nuclear Innovation Conference

As global society calls for sustainable and affordable energy solutions, we witness an increasing number of initiatives focused on developing sustainable energy production systems. Although such systems and their related R&D activities may appear to be in competition with each other, they simultaneously respond to society’s energy challenges. This is also the case for nuclear energy, where international and interdisciplinary collaboration is necessary to unlock the technology’s full potential as a source of clean energy.

Industry can take a leading role in generating the necessary knowledge and experience to boost promising initiatives that utilize nuclear energy technology. Passionate specialists and executives can collaborate to make nuclear energy both affordable and profitable with safety as overriding priority. At the same time, global society benefits from having access to a sustainable and reliable alternative to fossil fuels which are characterized by damaging levels of greenhouse gas emissions.

 NRG PALLAS is committed to bringing together high potential initiatives and key players in the nuclear energy industry with the aim of facilitating collaboration efforts. With more than 60 years of experience in the sector, our expertise and partnerships range from compliance management and operational support to irradiation and material testing, as well as fuel management and advanced reactor analyses. Our partners share our goal to expand and enhance current initiatives in nuclear energy technology. The program content of this conference has been developed with their support and demonstrates a common vision towards a sustainable future.

With a holistic industry perspective, the Nuclear Innovation Conference is a unique opportunity to address crosscutting questions topical to existing coordinated initiatives worldwide. During this conference, key players in the nuclear industry will inform us of general trends they observe within the sector. In parallel sessions, we dive into the specifics of Gen II, Gen III and Gen IV reactors and provide a platform for innovation within these areas. The promises, risks, and common challenges of existing and future solutions will be a vivid topic of discussion. Moreover, the interactive plenary sessions are a breeding ground for collaboration. Attending this conference gives you the opportunity to build your contacts and knowledge in the depths and in the many degrees of freedom belonging to the nuclear energy ecosystem.


~Joost van den Broek
Director Consultancy and Services, NRG