Sannah van Balen

Upon receiving an MPhil in Nuclear Energy at the University of Cambridge, Sannah has been active in bridging the gap between the nuclear industry and the rest of society. Her interest lies in realigning the risk and perception of risk with regards to nuclear technology as a source of clean energy. Of these two, the latter still primarily governs decision-making on nuclear power.

Based in the Netherlands, Sannah moderates and hosts panel sessions, webinars, and conferences in the nuclear sector and she actively participates in the societal conversation on the potential of nuclear energy as a climate change mitigator. Sannah is also the founder and director of The Empowered Atom – a knowledge collective that attempts science communication through art and design.

At the Nuclear Innovation Conference, Sannah will act as host and moderator. She is particularly excited about witnessing the fruitful collaborations that result from this event - collaborations based on a joint vision that shape the future of nuclear energy in society.