M Calatayd

Miguel A. Calatayud

Cofrentes NPP

Ageing Management and LTO Manager

Miguel A. Calatayud received his master degree in Chemical engineering by the University of Zaragoza and Electrical engineering by the University of Valencia, Spain. Since 1999 started his professional career in the Nuclear Industry in Iberdrola as Electrical and I&C Engineering Design, supporting Cofrentes NPP activities for 21 years. Since 2011 to 2019 collaborating with the International Atomic Energy Agency in the IGALL (International Generic Ageing Lessons) project, developing the IAEA SRS 82 “Ageing Management in Nuclear Power Plants. IGALL”, acting as a Chairman of the Working Group of Electrical and I&C components; at the same time, Senior Expert in the Electrical and I&C area for the IAEA SALTO (Safe Aspects of Long-Term Operation) Peer Review Services. During 2020 collaborating with WANO in the developing GP 2020-31 “Excellence in Ageing Management”. Since 2022 Head of Ageing Management and Long-Term Operation for Cofrentes NPP.