Martin Hagglund

Forsmark Kraftgrupp AB

Manager system engineering, electrical systems

Group manager Martin Hägglund started as a marine engineer graduate at Kalmar naval officer college. After 10 years at sea, working as a engineer in different cargo ships he stared his career in the nuclear business at Forsmark NPP in the late 90th, first as system engineer for mechanical maintenance, later in different manager positions at maintenance. In 2012 he change from maintenance to Unit 3 plant office, as an asset manager for reactor systems. In 2015 he change to technical office and built up a new unit for system engineers for all 3 unit and also responsible for the aging management and LTO project for unit 1 and 2. From 2021 he has worked in the current position as group manager responsible for the system engineer electrical system and all renewal project om electrical systems. In his free time Martin is a beekeeper and honey producer.