Joost van den Broek

After receiving his Master in Mechanical Engineering, Joost started working in the Natural Gas sector. In 2009, he joined NRG as manager of the Safety and Licensing department. In this role, he guided several NPP licensing projects. After several positions and leading a company restructure in 2014, he is currently head of NRG Consultancy & Service (C&S). Consultancy & Services consists of a group of 180 nuclear experts focused on one single purpose; safe and efficient nuclear operations. The competence base is very broad; radiological protection, nuclear safety & licensing, safety analysis (TH, PSA, CFD), asset integrity, decommissioning, radio-chemical characterization, in service inspections (non-destructive testing)and fuel management. In addition, Joost is responsible for the execution of the Dutch Nuclear Energy Research programme, commissioned by the ministry of Economic affairs and steering committee member of the EUR Association.