Isabelle Morlaes


Senior Vice President, Molten Salt Reactor Project Manager

Isabelle Morlaes received her engineer’s diploma in physics and chemistry from the French Engineering school ESPCI, and her master’s degree in Electronics & Instrumentation from Paris University. She has more than 30 years of experience in nuclear industry, in both reactor design & maintenance field, and fuel cycle field. She held several management and strategy positions in different Business Units of AREVA and Framatome, then Orano. Since 2000 she works in the Innovation Department of Orano, as the Sr. VP, MSR Project Manager. Her missions include the exploration of new business models and opportunities for Orano in the field of spent nuclear fuel management using MSR “recycling” capabilities, the coordination of initiatives to develop business schemes with MSR developers, international collaborations and financing schemes, in order to accelerate the development of this advanced technology and of its specific fuel cycle, in synergy with the reprocessing plant of Orano La Hague.