Thank you for joining!

It's a wrap! We've had two very insightful days. Thank you for making this second edition of the Nuclear Innovation Conference possible.

During the panel session at the end of day 2, we've discussed how to move from ambition to execution. What really stands out during this conference, is the importance of diversity in nuclear. This also calls for new nuclear leadership, on which William D. Magwood elaborated during his keynote. And, challenges for the industry, financing, politics and regulators also remain current.

We will share more with you in the coming weeks. This will include a recap, aftermovie and more pictures. We will also ask you for your feedback, because we care how you think about this conference. Have a safe trip home and we hope to see you at the next Nuclear Innovation Conference!

Wrap up and keynotes day 2

The track sessions are finished and we are preparing for a plenary wrap up of these. Please join us at the Olof's chapel! There, we also have two keynote speakers to take the stage, namely William D. Magwood IV (OECD/NEA) and Bram-Paul Jobse (EPZ). At around 17:00 there is another panel session that we will conclude with some final remarks. Get ready for this last part of the NIC2024!

Welcome to day 2!

Goodmorning and welcome to day 2 of the NIC2024! We will start the day with a focus on the tracks. In the afternoon our keynote speakers will take over again during the plenary part. But first, at 09:00 the tracks will be opened by our track leaders. In case you've missed:

Tjark van Staveren leads the Advanced Reactors track. Those sessions are located in Ferdinand Bol 3+4.
Robert Krivanek leads the LTO track. Those sessions are located in Ferdinand Bol 1+2.
Joost van den Broek leads the New Build track. Those sessions are located in Olof's chapel.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the organizational committee, recognizable by their red lanyards! Have a great day!

Check out our 'Media'!

We are continually updating the website with the latest info. If you hit 'Media' in the menu, you will find the first pictures, of the plenary sessions and of the track sessions. By clicking on 'Presentations' there is an overview of all the speakers. After their presentation is given, you can click on the name and find a PDF of the presentation. We will be adding video's soon!

Don't forget to prepare some questions for our keynote speakers. You can fill in the form on the homepage of the Infohub and specify your questions. This way, we can ensure the best discussions!

Welcome to the NIC2024!

We've been looking forward to meet you for a long while. And finally, today is the day! Get ready for two days of interacting, presentations and discussions with energy utilities, vendors, regulators and other stakeholders that represent the global nuclear community. Via this platform we share the latest updates, pictures and videos and you'll find the program with details about the speakers. If you missed a presentation, please check out the 'Media' section for a recap of the presentation after it was given.

If you have questions during the event, please do not hesitate to reach out to the organizational committee. We are here for your comfort and the best experience.

And remember, together we can build the future of nuclear energy by sharing experience and innovations!

Nuclear Innovation Conference 2024

Building the future of nuclear energy by sharing experience and innovations

Nuclear energy is an essential part of the energy mix to realise the security of energy supply and deliver on climate goals in the coming decades. Long Term Operation of the current reactor fleet, in combination with the deployment of current and future reactor designs, will be required to meet societal needs. The nuclear community needs to collaborate successfully to deliver on these promises by sharing experience and innovations. It is therefore that the Nuclear Innovation Conference 2024 (NIC2024) offers a platform to exchange knowledge and communicate with relevant stakeholders from the nuclear community.

NRG PALLAS is committed to bring together high potential initiatives and key players in the nuclear energy industry, in order to facilitate collaboration efforts. With over 60 years of experience in the nuclear energy sector, our expertise and partnerships range from compliance management, irradiation and material testing, fuel management and advanced reactor analyses. Our partners share the goal to elaborate and enhance the initiatives in nuclear energy. The content of this conference is achieved with their support and demonstrates a common vision towards a sustainable future.

By joining the NIC2024 conference you take part in presentations and discussions with energy utilities, vendors, regulators and other stakeholders that represent the global nuclear community. Do not miss out on this unique opportunity to expand your network!